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  • Kate Nelson


Today is D-Day for us. That means "diagnosis day" 15 years ago. The day I sat alone in a doctor's office in Nashville , because Ryan was deployed somewhere, and the doctor told me my daughter had Spinal Muscular Atrophy and just "go home and cherish the moments".

I can never thank Joe and Katie Bruhl enough for coming and staying with me until Ryan's command sent him home. The love and support they showed and still have is amazing!

Since this day we have learned a lot. We have had a lot of really, really, really hard times. And we have had a lot of really, really good times.

Mary is amazing. Mary is super smart and super sassy! Mary is MY Never Give Up! She has made me a stronger person and a gentler person. I thank God every day for her and her brother. Please join me in praying for health for all and many, many, many, many more years to come! I love her and her brother more than anything in the world and pray we make many more awesome memories!

Picture: Moab, UT, Arches National Park 7/4/2022 ( note the epic tank top Ryan is wearing!! ha ha ha!)


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